less is more in modern days

less is more in modern days - Vancouver business coach

The Art of Streamlining

Is counter intuition still intuition? You decide. This is the third article in my series of 4 articles targeting the concept of counter intuition. This new concept supports entrepreneurs in both their business and personal lives to navigate the expanding yet shrinking world we live in.

This is the third blog in a series of four. They all present how counterintuitive concepts can work for you. Read them all four. How could you make your life easier by following them?

  1. The Sleep Revolution!
  2. Slow Down to Get More Done!
  3. Less Is More!
  4. Unplug & Recharge!

As a content writer I spend hours shortening my clients’ scripts. Cut. Cut. Cut. Their website content, their marketing, their ads. Then the content goes to my editor, who is a very talented “shortener.”

Long gone are the days when writers were paid by the number of words in an article. Quite the opposite now. Writing is measured by the number of characters, because the key rule in todays’ business world is less is more.

In 2006 Twitter created a new rule for communication: 140 characters. Writers were shocked, then excited, then relieved. Then we had to learn how to be . . . essential?!?

Search engines limit your metatag description to 156 characters. Potential clients landing on your page give you no more than 5 seconds to be charmed. I squeezed my entire professional philosophy into Thrive Global’s bio of 156 characters to captivate readers enough to follow me.

Counter-intuitively, learning to be succinct is a long process. Sometimes I spend more time writing the 156-character metatag than the entire blog.

Nevertheless, I find myself saying less is more quite often and about a variety of subjects. Streamlining has become an art, applicable to all areas of personal and business life.

Here are some areas in which the Less Is More philosophy applies:

  • Home and office decor. With rents getting higher and spaces getting smaller, conscious streamlining will allow you to be creative, rather than just cramming too much into a small space.
  • Recipes have been modified and simplified for healthier, more enjoyable meals, with the ingredients that are not ideal for our bodies kept to a minimum.
  • Work and personal life. These have merged. The new marketing is about professionals getting together with like-minded people to do sports. Less work, more sport. Win-win.

 Now Twitter is giving us more characters to express ourselves, with no penalty for posting photos. Hey! Who needs more characters?


Vancouver Executive Business Coach and Life Coach Monica Magnetti is contributing writer to Thrive Global, a new platform created by  Arianna Huffington’s.

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