Let Go of Your Plan A and Live Your Life

Live Your Life

Let’s face it! For most of us, our lives have not turned out the way we expected. We may have gone in the general direction of our aspirations, but when it comes to the details, we are barely in the ballpark.

Believe me when I say, that is a good thing! As youngsters, we dream big and fear nothing—the sky is the limit. As teenagers, our world begins to crumble and we redefine ourselves within a much smaller arena, often limited by our parents’ and even our friends’ expectations.

Now, I’m not judging parents’ good intentions for their kids. I’m just observing that teenagers often set their priorities based on what has been dished out to them. Sure, parents can say they think big and live big, but do they? Teenagers are bombarded by TV and social media, where the message of materialism trumps common sense and the big Hollywood dream is promoted as if life actually happened that way. There are those who adopt the mainstream dream and those who rebel, though even the rebels are victims, because when you rebel, you are still not acting on your own beliefs.

What I’m saying is this: Thank God that your Plan A hasn’t worked out—or how many people would be married for 72 days, and how many women would be drunken housewives living beyond their means?

Now that we are more mature, we have learned to define our plans based more on the desires of the heart (I want to be healthy and financially stable; I want meaningful relationships in which I feel empowered), rather than on set goals (I want to make $2 million and live in a five-bedroom house; I want to marry rich).

The moral of the story? Bless your maturity and the failure of your dreams, because your dreams may never have really been about you. Re-evaluate your life and your Plan A and intentionally base your goals on the desires of your heart rather than on rational or material things. Above all, do not embrace the Hollywood dream! Your life, your real life, is about who you are when you are happy. It is about you living your ideal life.

XOXO Monica

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