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Monica Magnetti of Luna Coaching is a Certified Business Coach in Vancouver BC, hire Monica to train you and your staff the foundations of setting up and running effective logistics systems for your business.

What does “logistics” really mean?

Logistics is about defining all the details of delivering your product or service to your clients. To achieve business success, you have to address everything, including logistics.

It’s about what happens to things between the point of origin and the point of consumption. It’s about moving and storing materials, products and information, and about dealing with suppliers. An entire profession has grown up around logistics, called “supply chain management.”

What are the advantages of good logistics?

Here are some of the more important ones:

• Supplies, raw materials and information are available to your business when you need them, so you can get on with the creation and delivery of your products or services.

• Everything coming into your business finds its proper place as soon as it arrives, so your employees can use it at the appropriate time.

• Items that must be stored can be easily retrieved when you need them.

• Electronic information is filed systematically so that it can be easily recovered.

The point of all this is to create an outflow of products and services that is so well organized that there are no glitches in the delivery to your customers.

Why does good leadership matter?

Good logistics management requires distinct leadership qualities. For most companies, big or small, logistics is a major investment.

Effective leaders must continually come up with innovative ideas and solutions, and they must constantly optimize logistics to be ahead of the competition.

Are your clients’ needs being met promptly and efficiently? If they are—and your clients express satisfaction—then your logistics are probably solid. Only with solid logistics will your business maintain its competitive edge.

Logistics management involves scouting out potential suppliers and distributors, and then assessing their accessibility and effectiveness, while also assessing sustainability in your global logistics plan.

Why does sustainability matter?

As a leader, it is your responsibility to find the best way to move your product or service through to your customers. Nowadays, the best way is not necessarily the cheapest way! As you seek out the best way, you must be mindful of sustainability and your moral responsibility to your business, your customers and your community.

Instead of developing your own logistics plan, you may decide to hire a supply chain logistics or consulting service. Still, you must be clear about every detail and how it fits with your sustainability policy. You must show leadership when interviewing others, and to do that you must know all the logistical steps.

What happens when logistics are bad?

Bad logistics can lead to many unhappy results:

• Your products or services will not be delivered to your customers on time or as ordered.
• You will experience complaints and excessive returns, resulting in increased costs and inventory.
• Your sales will fall.
• Your reputation will suffer.
• Your business may ultimately fail.

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