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As an Executive Consultant & Life Coach for Entrepreneurs, my consulting business owes so much to the experience gained through coaching other businesses and professionals in Vancouver.

It’s easy for me to say that I am the best business consultant in Vancouver, however I am proud to be able to have my reputation and my reviews speak for me.

Please watch and read the following reviews from my past business consulting clients and gain a better understanding of how I am able to help you and your business grow, pull ahead, and succeeded.

Best Professional Development Coach, Vancouver B.C.

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Best Business Consultant Reviews

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Update Yourself with a Leadership Development Coach

My first encounter with Monica Magnetti as a leadership development coach was quite a surprise. I didn’t know what to expect. I wanted to refresh and update my vision for my career and my business. I didn’t know how to re-brand myself to better serve my patients.

Monica’s coaching went beyond what I imagined coaching would be. Her approach is intensely personal, and she did not hold back in pushing me to my edge.

In helping me re-brand we designed a system to

  • Achieve clarity
  • Prioritize values
  • Reconnect with my leadership skills
  • Be confident in my leading role

Best of all, Monica led me to see my own contribution to the business and community. She helped me shift my perspective and attitude so that I could rebrand myself in a most satisfactory way. Thank you, Monica. You make a difference.

Dr. H.S. Brown ND

Rebranding Made Possible!

Monica Magnetti gave me the confidence to believe in myself and my vision. Once I was able to embrace myself, we rebranded my business through strategic planning that gave my rebranding a solid frame of reference.

Monica coached me in every detail of rebranding, and we were able to do all the work needed for my new business:

  • New name
  • New business concept
  • New website
  • New content
  • New images
  • New team description
  • Marketing and business development

Even though I claimed not to be artistic, Monica helped me create my own logo. I love it and how it reflects my new business perfectly.

Above all, Monica made a complex process easy and kept me focussed when I was getting overwhelmed.
Denise M.

Great Business Coaching and Branding

My experience with certified professional business coach Monica Magnetti of Luna Coaching has been amazing! I was looking at changing my business name, website and branding.

Monica helped with the writing, content and pictures, and with the overall look of my site. She is terrific at rewording content to make it more personal. My website is now brighter and friendlier, and it helps people understand my services better.

Monica was also great at motivating me to have my website overhauled in a week and gave me many great ideas for future marketing. Not only is she a great coach, she is also a fabulous person who truly cares about you and your business succeeding.

I am inspired to have Monica on my team as a great support and friend, and someone who truly has my best interests at heart.

Thanks, Monica! C.G.


Leadership Empowerment 

From the very first moment I met Monica, I felt something resonate. I wasn’t even looking for a professional coach, but her offer to try a free strategy session was a no risk proposition.

After that first session I experienced a boost in energy, clarity of vision, and inner serenity that was so transformational that it convinced me to sign on to her leadership and coaching individual program.

Six months later, I look forward to our ½-hour coaching session every week. The results have been truly life-altering. I’ve made huge leaps forward in my business- hitting all of my goals seemingly in stride and with greater peace-of-mind.

And I’ve done the same in my personal life. Despite being very busy, I now find more time to have fun, and spend more quality time with the people I’m closest to.

It’s her balanced approach that sets Monica apart. She lets me find answers to my questions and challenges from within. She’s been effective (and efficient) at getting me to overcome fears, release judgment, and accept things for what they are. I’m more empowered, more peaceful, and more enriched.

If you’re looking for a professional certified coach and if you want to hone your leadership qualities try Monica for a session. See if you don’t make an improvement. I guarantee you’ll never look back.

Tom M.


Monica Magnetti is an amazing certified professional coach

Dear Monica,

I want to thank you for everything that we’ve worked on together so far. Your presence of mind and clarity is astounding!

Even if I am not wholly present or in quite the right space, you hold the space for me and invite and allow me to rise to the occasion in such a way that I feel that my feelings, opinions and perspectives are important! You are tapped in!

I find your questions powerful on many levels, both right away, and upon sinking in. You have helped me to ask myself questions instead of assume answers in situations where I might feel caught or stuck. New answers and reflections always come up when I ask myself your questions again.

You have always treated me in such a way that I feel that my feelings, opinions and perspectives are important, even when I am feeling young or insecure. Thank you.

I look forward to our next call, as always.

Anne D.
Santa Barbara


“Consciously pursuing my goals after the session with you”

Hello Monica,

I met you at the Health Show at the Convention Centre at the end of October. I was interested in pursuing the MBA program and you gave me a 15 minutes coaching session as I felt stuck with moving forward.

Well, I am glad to report to you that in less than 5 weeks I have researched the program at local and international universities, have spoken to the MBA program academic advisors, and have decided on the SFU program.

I would like to personally thank you for your inspirational suggestion of holding me accountable to my words. So many people, including me, talk about our dreams and goals, but never actively pursue them or hold ourselves accountable for what we say we want to do.

I thank you for asking me to report to you about my steps and progresses with my plan and for your inspirational talk about accountability. I found myself consciously pursuing my goals now as a result of the session with you.

Best regards,

Anita G.,
Vancouver Health Show


Monica didn’t let me get away with excuses

Dear Monica,

You do your job well. You always think of different ways to look at things and won’t let me get away with excuses. Thank you!

Wendy F.


“What was most beneficial for me was learning to be at 100% of my capacities”

Monica is full of joie de vivre and passion! When I connected with Monica, I discovered that I could have a different level of depth in my life and relationships. It was truly the beginning of my learning phase.

What was most beneficial for me was learning to be at 100% of my capacities and stay focused at work so that there was so much more fulfillment in my new job. When my work life was successfully established, then I was able to move to the next level and focus on my personal life.

I took my “homework” very seriously and therefore was able to move forward quickly. Monica’s individual focus is so targeted to getting results, that I really experienced an immediate outcome.

Monica supported me via phone calls and emails. She took from a very unstable emotional state to a much more proactive state from which to experience life. I went from boo-hoo to aha!

I am still receiving support from Monica. I like to think that we have grown very close through this ongoing process.

Nina, a working mother with three teenage sons
Troy, Michigan


Coaching with Monica has accomplished more in a few months than 20 years of all of the other efforts!

Dear Monica,

I can’t begin to express my gratitude for the shifts and changes that have occurred in my life since beginning coaching sessions. The changes and shifts have occurred in leaps and bounds and. it seems to work even when I am not consciously trying.

I have been involved with self-help for many years and coaching has accomplished more in a few months than 20 years of all of the other efforts!

We cut to the chase and arrived at the bottom line very quickly.

The rewards in my life have been: an improved relationship with myself and others, clarity, connectedness, and authenticity. Above all, I have learned how to receive.

Monica, you are a very gifted coach. On behalf of my future and present self, I thank you for all of your hard work and support!



“We all hold the tools within ourselves to make personal shifts in life”

Thanks Monica for making me aware that we all hold the tools within ourselves to make personal shifts in life. Suggesting I step off and look at my daily “trend mill” routines with a different perspective and question how this is moving me forward has helped me move closer my personal goals.

Again, thanks for the new look on life.

Antony Maine


Truly a wonderful and enlightening experience!

Personal coaching with Monica proved a useful tool to help me confirm decisions when facing important life change options. I found the non-judgmental, objective process of self inquiry beneficial and insightful to understanding what drives my decision-making. It’s resulted in more cognitive, positive life-altering steps.

Truly a wonderful and enlightening experience!

Olivia M.

P.S. Thanks to Monica, I am also setting my own weekly goals and making sure I stick to them.


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