Maintaining the Website

A system for maintaining the website currentAre you feeling overwhelmed by the time it takes to maintaining the website current?

So was I – before I created a system for small businesses to update the websites easily and effectively.

Ask yourself, if you had a store, would you keep the same window display for years? Would you walk into such a store?

Maintaining the website fresh, with well-written content that works and with images that represent you and your business, is the new price of being in business.

Your online presence is an essential part of doing business. Just like that window display, it needs to be reviewed and refreshed regularly.

The Best Choice For Clients

The most important question to ask yourself every change of season is: Am I the best choice for current clients and incoming clients?

• Does the website really represent my business?
• Is the brand recognizable?
• Do I know how to maximize the cost of optimization by adding content properly?

The website is the best communication tool in today’s business world. Think of the value of freeing up time and getting your website updated with the help of a consultant who can do all the groundwork for you.

That’s what I specialize in. With my training as a coach, social media expert and content writer, I know the right questions to ask to create your story. Your story is about your philosophy and the value you bring to your clients. It’s the big picture of your business, and it has to be global.

How to Improve the Conversation with Clients

Your website is the best place to improve the conversation with clients. These are the services I offer to put you in touch with your clients and convince them of the value you offer:

• Through your brand and visuals, show the world who you are and the value you offer.
• Update your website with new content and blogs, properly written and following the technical rules.
• Update your visuals to show your growth and post your visuals with the right technical description.

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Learn more with Luna Coaching, book a free one-hour consultation to assess all the elements that make YOU the best choice for your clients.

You can’t do it all. Focus on your strengths. Hire an expert like me for maintaining the website. Hire me to plan the overall website strategy for maintaining the website — let’s keep it fresh and current!

XOXO Monica


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