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Yoast SEO WordPress PluginYoast SEO plugin maximizes SEO optimization for your writing. Get more visitors and organic traffic with these basic tips for Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.

The goal of content is to attract viewers who want what you are offering. The reason why quality content is so important, if well optimized, is that it directs the
right traffic to you.

Good-quality writing shows that you are committed to your services and products. When your writing is good, viewers to your site will quickly become clients.

The best way to get the most out of your writing is to understand how to write and post content that is optimized from the start. Thousands of words have been written on how to optimize content. By using Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, which you can install in your WordPress platform, you will produce quality content that will rank high with SEO optimization.

My blogs Content Optimization Fundamental Principles and Optimization Tips: Image SEO offer other valuable tips on how to achieve increased organic traffic to your website. This blog is one more piece of the puzzle.

Think of optimization as a wheel with multiple wedges. The way to achieve optimal results is to balance all the wedges in the wheel.


Google SEO Ranking Factors

My blogs are all connected to each other. Each blog comes first as well as last. Every blog is as important as every other blog in making sure your wheel—meaning your optimization—functions as it should.

Here is a list of the wedges, the simplest steps to a full understanding of optimization:
Content Optimization Fundamental Principles
Optimization Tips: Image SEO
• Maximize Writing Results with Yoast SEO (this one)
• The Art of the Title
• Putting It All Together

Writing, WordPress, and Yoast SEO

WordPress Yoast SEO plugin is a magical tool for presenting yourself as the professional you are. Optimization is the sum of multiple steps to producing the best results.

To achieve optimal results for ranking, follow these fundamental Yoast SEO principles in your writing:

1. Define your topic, primary key word and secondary key words. (Long tail key words are best.)
2. Create a title for your blog that will entice readers. Be sure it contains the primary key word.
3. For best ranking, keep your title between 40 and 70 characters.
4. Put your title in the URL of your blog (though you can edit the link).
5. Include the primary key word in the h1 header.
6. For ranking, and to be indexed by SEO, you need a minimum of 300 words.
7. The first sentence must contain the main key word (already in the h1 header and title) and must be under 156 characters.
8. Meta descriptions are the blurbs of text that you see under a title when performing a search. The description of your blog only allows 156 characters. So make sure the first sentence is under 156 characters.
9. The last sentence must also contain the main key word.
10. The primary key word or long tail key word must be repeated in the content. Yoast SEO lets you know if the density is enough.
11. Include as manu outbound links and at least one internal link on each page of your blog.
12. Make sure the image has the proper alt tag with your keyword. Link to your blog. (Alt tag is the photo description with key word. Title tag is a key word.)
13. For consistency and quality writing, use other related key words in the body of your writing related to the theme.

Here are two more tips for better reading and ranking:

14. Paragraphs should not exceed 60 to 63 words in length.
15. Use point form, favored by Millennials. Make sure the points are listed in order of execution. Most viewers like the clarity and understand the message better. Point form is also an excellent way to list long tail key words for ranking.

By understanding and following these fundamental steps with Yoast SEO, you will raise the SEO ranking of your content.

Yoast SEO will tell you what you need more or less of. If you follow the rules from the beginning, your writing will rank green right away, with a few minor changes. If you choose not to follow these rules in your writing, you will most likely have to rewrite your blog before it makes sense.

The short formula for blogging

Before you start your blog, print the 15 steps above and then follow them carefully.
After that, you can use this quicker formula:
A. Choose primary key word and secondary key words.
B. Main key word has to be in the title (min 40 to max 70 characters), h1 header, last sentence, and in the image alt tag and title tag.
C. The first sentence is a maximum 156 characters. The blog is a minimum 300 words.
D. Include outbound links and one internal link in your blog.
E. Keep your paragraphs at less than 63 words and use point form.

So go ahead and design your wheel. Then find out what you want to learn next and what you want to get better at doing. Make sure that Yoast SEO WordPress plugin is part of your foundation.

XOXO Monica


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