Are you confused about who you are? About who you should be? About who you want to be in your personal and business life?

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Monica Magnetti offers professional life coaching and life coaching internationally. Though based in Vancouver, Monica coaches her international clients on the phone and also offers online life coaching.

Named the Get What You Want Coach by her satisfied clients, that is the kind of life coaching she offers. Her method brings results. You will get what YOU want. To offer you the best professional life coaching method, Monica holds multiple certifications in life Coaching, Business/Career Coaching Corporate Coaching, and she also offers Marketing Consulting Services.

Says Monica Magnetti “Life is a big category—an umbrella sheltering everything that determines who you are and what you do. There is your personal life, your business life, your family life, your free time and your fun time, and much more. With a professional life coaching technique, I support you through life coaching to update yourself, to find out who YOU are right now, to reassess your values and actions—all for the purpose of creating balance and prosperity. When everything in your life is aligned and consistent, life flows smoothly, not only for you but also for everyone you touch, whether in your business life or your personal life.”

Monica has created a proven results oriented professional life coaching and life coaching international method by which she guides her clients through the correct assessment of oneself in the present so that one can become the person who gets what he or she wants through living a life of intentional choices.

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“I met Monica when I was looking for support and advice on my own business path. Her insight and positive attitude had a huge impact on my personal and business life. She is very genuine, honest and understanding. I would recommend Monica to anybody who wants to improve their personal or business life experience.”

Milena Cerin