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Business Training Videos and Executive Coaching Online

Monica Magnetti is an Executive Consultant & Life Coach for Entrepreneurs in Vancouver BC and leader in her industry.

Her online Youtube videos are a resource for business training and executive coaching online that will help you define strategies and better understand the coaching process and results.

How to Start a Business

Monica Magnetti offers insight into turning your ideas into a successful business. Learn how you as an Entrepreneur can Differentiate Yourself in Today’s Competitive Market. Watch How to Start a Business or How to Rebrand an Existing Business.

About Life Coaching and Career Coaching

Monica Magnetti is a life and career coaching helping clients achieve the personal and professional goals. Find out how Life/Business/Career Coach and Brand Consultant Monica Magnetti can support YOU in getting what YOU want.

How to Find Fulfillment in Your Career

Monica Magnetti offers 3 tips you can learn from baby Boomers on how to find a fulfilling career and choosing the right career. Whether your changing careers or just looking for Career fulfillment you have come to the right place.

Women in Power

Learn how to Brand your Business

Monica Magnetti offers Entrepreneurs advice on how to brand there business and channel their inner fire. As a career and life coach Monica can help you to leave a legacy of value through your business and help bring your ideas success.

Monica interview with City TV Breakfast Television

“30 Days to a New You”

Host Wendy Sandwith, City TV Edmonton, Breakfast Television, April 9, 2008

Monica interview CTV Edmonton Noon News

“Outsmarting Stress”

Host Marni Kuhlmann, CTV Edmonton Noon News, October 12, 2007

Monica interview on Global TV Morning News

Host Duane English, Global TV Edmonton, Morning News, April 10, 2008.

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