Build Your Brand, Find Your Power: Navigating the New Millennium Workplace. An Interview with Liz Ryan

Building a Brand and Finding Your Power

My personal idol Liz Ryan is coming to BRAND YOUR FIRE, GET WHAT YOU WANT Radio Show On VoiceAmerica Business on Tuesday April 10, 2012 from 8-9 Pacific Time (11-12 East.) Connect with this fabulous interview and learn how Liz’s expertise can support you building a brand and finding your power.

Whether you’re working for someone else or for yourself, navigating in the radically fast-changing world of work is not a trivial matter. Working people need new skills to manage their careers, since employers aren’t looking after the career paths of their employees anymore. Workplace expert Liz Ryan will talk with our listeners about pain-spotting, perspective-taking, and other new-millennium career management skills that are helping employees and entrepreneurs gain altitude on their careers and businesses.

Liz Ryan from is one of the country’s most widely-read and well-respected workplace and career authorities, whose columns for Bloomberg Business Week, Kiplinger’s Finance, Yahoo!, Monster and the Huffington Post reach over 60 million readers per month.

Liz is a former Fortune 500 HR vp and the leader of the 25,000-member Ask Liz Ryan online community. Liz speaks across the US and abroad on the changing nature of work, job search and personal branding in the new millennium. Liz is the author of “Happy About Online Networking: The Virtual-ly Simple Guide to Building Professional Relationships.” She teaches personal branding and career strategy to MBA candidates at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, and through her company, Ask Liz Ryan, advises organizational leaders and job-seekers on their branding and strategy.

Liz is a commentator for CNN, MSNBC, NPR and BBC Radio, and for her efforts teaching working people and organizational leaders how to navigate in the changing workplace, has been profiled by TIME Magazine, Fortune magazine, USA Today and the Chicago Tribune.

Liz earned a BS in Management and Marketing from Loyola University of Chicago and an MS in Communications from Northwestern University. She is a professional opera singer, and lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband Michael and their five children.

Don’t miss this ground breaking talk with Liz Ryan about navigating the new-millennium workplace, how to build you brand and find your power. Host Monica Magnetti, from BRAND YOUR FIRE, GET WHAT YOU WANT radio, in conversation with Liz Ryan asks all the important questions so that you can maximize your career path.

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