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For the life of me, I could never understand as a child why everyone thought the prince or princess was so great. Reading those kids’ books, watching those movies, I knew who really had what it takes. The dragon!
Monica Magnetti

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Let the dragon enlighten your way in 2013. This eBook is a collection of fiery blogs that I created for YOU so that you can navigate your business and personal life with passion.

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Sharing their fire in powerful audio interviews

Robin Fisher Roffer from, Liz Ryan from,
LinkedIn Rockstars Lori Ruff and Mike O'Neil,
Savvy Sisters from,
Jennifer Gosse and Sarah Evans from,
Rachel Cunliffe from,
Jamie Wallace from
Penny Sansevieri and Paula Kraft from
Peggy Dold from NavigationPartnesLLC, Dianna Huff from


This eBook is meant to be shared. Encourage your friends and colleagues to download it from my blog so that they, too, can create their own business success.

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