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February 21, 2008

What is Sexy Now?

          In a world in which the impulse is to overdo, overthink, and oversell, whether it’s products or oneself, how would it be instead to embrace the elegance of your own authenticity, your genuine self? Now, that is sexy. You portraying yourself.

          With so many people out there striving for the biggest and most extraordinary expression and projects, how would it be to embrace your very own ordinary self, to surrender to the notion that to be extraordinary you have to know how to be ordinary?

          This might sound counterintuitive; however, those of us who make enduring changes begin with ourself first, and it is our modeling of our values and beliefs that expands our immediate community. If you think that to be extraordinary you have to be big and do big, pump up what you say and do, and always be in doing-doing-doing mode, you are deluding yourself. Being extraordinary is the acceptance of our own ordinariness. It takes an extraordinary human being to be ordinary.

          The best gift you can give the world is to know who you are. The  best  gift you can give yourself and your loved ones is your own personal growth— being willing to embrace your journey, rather than waiting for anyone else to change  or trying to change anyone else. 

That’s even sexier.

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