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What Brings Fire into Your Veins?

February 2012

Buongiorno to everybody. It’s February: the days are getting longer and it feels like the worst part of winter is over. Spring is only 50ish days away. Who’s counting?

I talk on the phone with clients, write, write, and talk more on the phone with clients. I have been so busy writing for articles, my blog, Luna Coaching’s Facebook page, Twitter, new content for my website and other clients’ websites that I’ve lost track of the last time I sent out a newsletter.

The exciting part about 2012 is that this is the year of the dragon, my favorite mythological animal and the symbol for my marketing and branding service BRAND YOUR FIRE. I am all fired up about it.

Enough about me.

What do YOU get excited about? What brings fire into you veins? I have noticed that most people spend more time focusing on what they don’t want, rather than what they want.

What sets you on fire to pursue what you want? I have also noticed that people who know what they want usually get it. I am not talking about material possessions – though why not? I am talking about defining your heart’s desire and then setting goals that will sustain that heart desire so that you can live a vibrant life while you reach your goals. Win-win.

Boring? Heard this before? Then hear it again because it works. Very often, we set goals based on rational thinking: “I want to make 1 million dollars”, “I want to write a book”, “I want to lose 100 pounds”. We set goals that are often unachievable because we are not willing to embrace the lifestyle required to achieve such goals.

One way to achieve any goal is to define your heart’s desire first, which is easily described as the feeling you want to experience when you wake up in the morning.

Is your deepest heart’s desire to wake up in the morning knowing that you are healthy? Then the goal you want to set is to address what stands between you and your health. Overweight? Smoking? Low Energy? Not enough exercise? Set your goals and follow a regime so that you can be happy when you wake up.

Is your deepest heart’s desire to share your wisdom and open up to the world? Then your goal may be to write a book or a blog. You will finish your book because, by setting your heart’s desire first, the goal is something that sustains your happiness.

When we are happy we can achieve anything. So decide who you are when you are happy and then set goals that will sustain that happiness. What happens between you and your goal is… your life! Set the groundwork to have a happy one! Set your heart on fire!

Love, XOXO Monica

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