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horseYou can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink!
We all know what that means. It means stubbornness—and “stuckness.” And we know what it means to be the one offering the water rather than the one refusing the drink. Those darn friends! If only they could see the light.

This time, let’s think about ourselves and let go of our attachment to the people refusing to drink that water. Let’s see ourselves instead as the stubborn horse.
In which areas of our lives would we rather be stuck than hydrated? When are we the horse who doesn’t want to drink the easy water?

We all have our stuckness—those issues we hang onto so stubbornly. Let’s surrender to intentionality. Water is good! Always. Let’s raise a glass.

Read my book, 30 Days to a New You. Now that’s a good glass of water.

30 Days to a New You - Drink the water

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