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30 days

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P.S. Remember to send me one e-mail everyday after you have completed each chapter (read below!)

So what’s next?

  • The E-course starts on October 1st, 2009
  • Each day for the next 30 days... put yourself first in your own life.
  • You will receive an e-mail every day, based on the teachings of 30 DAYS TO A NEW YOU.
  • Complete the daily exercises. The e-Course deepens each chapter, utilizing drawing, music, photographs, any media to awaken the curious you and to awaken all your senses duringthe next 30 days. There is a new world out there to explore with images, words, sensations, and freedom.
  • Send Monica a quick email every day with the number of day you have completed in the subject. This is to hold yourself accountable.
  • If, on some days, you experience a little “stuckness,” send me an email with the subject heading "Want to unglue!" and I will get back to you; otherwise, just send me an e-mail with your name and the chapter you’re working on in the subject line.
  • Optional: to download workbook and summary chart click or cut and paste the following links DAYS TO A NEW YOU - WORKBOOK.doc

  • Successfully complete the e-Course and get a free coaching session with Monica!           
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When you start, you are halfway there.

Chi comincia e' a meta' dell'opera. ~Italian proverb