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October 2011

Treat yourself this Halloween by acknowledging the one side of your personality that you really don’t like—the one side of yourself that you judge, that you have been hiding from, that you don’t want to admit to.

Embrace it! Embody it! Become it!

If you can’t think of anything, then think about the people you know. Who do you know that has that character trait that you really hate, that attribute that you really resent? What is it about that person that you judge? Whatever it is, here’s the truth. That thing you hate in others is the side of your own personality that you don’t want to admit to—and that is why you hate it.

Let’s take an example. Most of us have a tough time acknowledging our own arrogance, our inner bully, our inner judge. So, as we try to rise above our own arrogance, we actually succumb to it.

Imagine you were not judgmental. Imagine you embraced every part of yourself that makes you the fabulous person you are. Now, this Halloween, as a treat to yourself, imagine what you would wear if you had to portray your inner judge or your inner arrogance. How about your “I am better than you” personality trait?

Trick yourself into admitting who you do not want to be. Then treat yourself by having fun being humble and courageous.

You do not have to wait for Halloween to parade your inner attributes and the diversity of your personality. Acknowledge who you are at any time in your life, and reward yourself whenever you do—with candies and chocolates!

With love,

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