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Trick or Treat, Give Me Something Good to Eat—and Read!

October 2012

Who isn’t watching their diet these days? We are all conscious of what we put in our mouth, and when we cheat, we know we are cheating. The main thing is, we know how important it is to treat our body with the consideration it deserves.

The same thing goes for our mind, and yet we don’t seem to pay as much attention to that. Trick or treat, give me something good to read! How have you been treating your mind lately? How do you nourish your intellect? How do you make sure you learn something new every day about yourself and your business? Remember! Feed the body, feed the brain.

Of course, you knew I would have an answer. I always do! Sign up for my blog and read it once a week, every week. Now that’s food for thought.

I’m a published author, a coach with multiple certifications, a brand consultant, and an all-round hilarious person. (That’s a survival technique I learned, coming from a country where drama is a national pastime.) Once a week, I put it all together so that you can feed your brain.

frogI touch on all kinds of topics and weave in all areas of life, because life can get in the way of the best plan and we have to dance with circumstances. Learn why you have to Swallow That Frog!—it’s good for you, and not only for the protein. Learn why It’s Never Too Early (or Too Late) to Establish Your Online Presence. Learn new ways to accept yourself. Even when Dealing with Conflict—Look at Yourself First!

XOXO Monica

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