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Making Conscious Choices

November 2011

November often feels like countdown time—the countdown between Halloween candy and the Christmas tree. Do we have to get caught up in this seasonal race? Not if we make conscious choices.

Making conscious choices means updating our values and our information about ourselves. It means designing how and where we want to celebrate the holidays. The how is the way we choose to bring spirituality into our homes. The where is our choice either to be grounded on this Earth or to float away on a cloud of idealistic visions.

When the angels sing and the music plays, where are you? Are you grounded? Or are you caught up in the frenzy of Christmas shopping? Many of us declare in November that this will be the year when we don’t spend, spend, spend. Yet as the big day approaches and the prices begin to fall, we fall too—into old habits. It doesn’t matter which you choose—the angels or the shopping mall. Both are valid ways to spend your time, only so long as your choice is a conscious one.

I have asked people, What is the spirit of Christmas for you? Bonding with family is a big one, even though most people agree that fulfilling family expectations is often the most stressful part of Christmas.

For some, the spirit of Christmas is getting closer to their own spirituality. Yoga seems to be a vehicle of choice. For others, Christmas is the season to focus on volunteering, to make sure everyone is able to join in the celebration at least a little bit. For these people, the outward focus of their attention brings them inner warmth.

Of course, there is always baking, sometimes a mixed blessing because of the weight gain. Baking is a good way for some to express the spirit of Christmas. Most people bake for others, including their dog, and the smell of cookies in the kitchen fills every heart and belly.

Who would you like to be this Christmas?

What do you want to do to achieve your wonderful, authentic self?

What is your bottom line, that line under which you do not want to fall? (Briefly reflect on past unhappy Christmases.)

Focus all your attention on the conscious choices you want to make this year. Ask yourself the WWWHW—Who? Where? What? How? When?

  • Who do I want to be?
  • Where do I want to be?
  • What feelings do I want to create in my home? If my spirit of Christmas is a song, what song do I want to sing?
  • How will I hold on to this plan?
  • When do I want to start?

This November, build the foundation for the conscious choices you want to make this Christmas season, and have the best time assessing the conscious YOU that you are right now.

With love,

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