Brand Consultant

As a Life and Business Coach I have coached many leaders to update their vision and establish a new connection with the ever changing market.

Using my unique approach, these leaders were able to rediscover their true essence and learn how to live their lives authentically. They learned to communicate more effectively in the arena of their business—that extension of themselves and the place where they can create a legacy of value.


My Five Priorities

My priorities for defining your branding strategy focus on you. Together we will

  • (re)define your true essence as a person
  • (re)connect with the original spark that motivated you to go into your business in the first place
  • shift your focus from the product or service you offer to the value of your product or service
  • create a comprehensive branding strategy that truly represents you and your business
  • ensure that you have the right technology to express your new branding strategy to the world

Your Vision

The business world is waking up to the need to be more people-centered, something my clients know intuitively. The leaders I work with play big: they are committed to achieving success and making an impact. They measure success and impact not only monetarily, but also through the legacy of their vision—a vision born of their true values and priorities: their true essence. They know that the real meaning of wealth is a legacy of fulfillment and well-being at all levels.

You have the courage to bring your vision to life. That’s why you are seeking support to move to the next level. With my help, you can play big and serve the world—authentically.

A Radical Approach, with Radical Results

I am not reinventing the wheel of branding. What’s radical about my approach is that it shifts the focus from the product or service you offer to the value it brings to your customers. My approach centers on serving your customers’ needs: taking your essence—the core of your business—from the background to the forefront. No longer will you be selling things (wine, books, TV programs, coaching, PR). Now you will be selling the value those things offer your clients.

The consequence of this radical approach will be radical results. By aligning your business operations, marketing strategy and visual presentation with your essence, you will feel more alive bringing your ideas to the world—and you will see your business prosper.

tailI keep current with all the latest trends in marketing and promotion, and am involved in business seminars and reading. My comprehensive strategy will address your unique needs. Together, we will create a branding strategy of the highest quality, using appropriate technology—a branding strategy that will present you to the world ... authentically!

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"You are so awesome! This document really is reflective of what I would have imagined myself to be and value. You are truly gifted, not only in writing but also in capturing what people say and then translating it to look magnificent on paper! Monica, I truly value working with you, and words cannot express the gratitude that you are in my life. Thank you for being you!"


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