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Tracky: New Social Media Interface for Productive (and Human) Collaborations

June 12, 2012

To all entrepreneurs and social media buffs! There's a new kid in town, Tracky.com, and it's time to get acquainted. Tracky team members Jennifer Gosse and Sarah Evans will explain how this new social media interface will help you "get stuff done" while organizing the internet you so love. Say Jennifer and Sarah, "We at Tracky love the internet, and yet we've noticed that it gets in the way of actually doing anything productive. So we asked ourselves, why not create a task management tool that's engaging, fun and easy to learn. And that's what we did! With Tracky, you can accomplish all your professional goals and personal tasks in one simple hub." Don't miss this episode of Brand Your Fire, Get What YOU Want radio with host Monica Magnetti in conversation with Jennifer and Sarah. Questions are welcome. Learn More »

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