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Are you low on energy? Do you feel flat and unimportant? Is weight loss an uphill battle?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have good news for you. Support is on the way right now. With the click of a button, you can find relief from your suffering.

Nutritional consultant Lidia Gled is one of the few Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioners offering online one-on-one consulting. Don’t waste another minute. Check out her amazing website now! Roots Up Nutritional Consulting.

I have known Lidia for a long time, ever since she worked at Integrative Healing Arts in Vancouver where her lively personality and commitment to people were her hallmark. In my recent interview with Lidia, I dug a little deeper to bring you the qualities that set her apart.

Who is Lidia Gled?
Lidia has always been interested in health. Becoming a nutritional consultant has brought together all the things she has studied and enjoyed to this point in her life. A caring and nurturing individual, Lidia takes great pride in guiding people to make the right decisions about their health.

“Nutrition is not a formula,” says Lidia. “Two people can have the same symptoms, yet their course of healing is different. I look at each patient individually.”

Lidia likes to think of herself as a guide who leads people to their optimal health while supporting them on their journey. She says, “It’s not only important that people take their first step and connect with a nutritional consultant. It’s just as important that they have a strong individual supporting them.”

What is the biggest challenge people face in hiring a nutritional consultant?
Lidia has noticed that the biggest obstacle to better health is acknowledging that what we are doing now isn’t working and we need guidance. “We think that reaching out for help is a negative,” she says. “Overcoming that self-judgment and being aware that our behaviour is not working is the best way to begin moving forward.”

How does online one-on-one nutritional consulting work?
Lidia describes her method as “easy, discreet and proactive.” In the privacy of your own home or office, you can take these easy steps:
1. Complete a consultation form online.

2. Email it to Lidia.

3. She assesses it and recommends a course of action and a payment package.

4. You provide payment.

5. She sends you a detailed, personalized treatment plan that includes dietary recommendations, lifestyle changes and supplements.

6. She provides you with email and/or phone support.

Online Nutritional Consultant Lidia Gled
Online One-on-One Nutritional Consultant Lidia Gled
In today’s busy world, working online with a nutritional expert like Lidia Gled offers many advantages:
• From anywhere in the world, you can choose the expert that is best for you.
• No time is wasted going to and from appointments.
Lidia can assess your personal situation based on facts about you rather that visual cues.
• You feel empowered to be more up front.
• You will feel comfortable and never judged. You will be in control of your own health.

• You can be honest and open with your expert in every way.

What 3 main results have clients experienced with Roots Up Nutritional Consulting?

Lidia is proud to say that her clients have gained many rewards from Roots Up Nutritional Consulting:
1. A new zest for life as a result of feeling better

2. A boost in self-confidence and self-image from taking better care of themselves

3. A sense of empowerment from learning how their body responds best to new approaches

Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner Lidia Gled

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