Open Your Mind, Release Your Past

Open Your Mind

Open Your Mind, Release Your Past

Spring is coming! Let’s get ready . . . Rejoice! It’s March and Spring is almost here. Time to pack away our umbrellas and puffy coats and everything winter. Time, too, to put away our winter way of thinking. Let’s open our minds to the colours and possibilities of Spring.

Clear your space and make room for new things!

We don’t call it Spring Cleaning for nothing! This annual rite of passage can dig up gold for others in your community. If you have unwanted things in good condition, consider donating them. Here are some of the places where I like to donate:

Covenant House, 575 Drake Street – Accepts donations of clothing and some household items (sheets, small appliances, kitchenware) between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. daily.

My Sister’s Closet, 1092 Seymour Street – Supports zero waste and eco fashion. You can donate your clothing and accessories in good shape for resale. Profits go to the Battered Women’s Support Services.

Dress for Success Vancouver is a registered Canadian charity that helps low and no-income women transition into the workforce by providing professional attire. Your unused professional clothes are very much appreciated.

A good time to let go

What are you holding onto that you would really like to release? You probably don’t have to think very hard—you know what it is. A client and I created this ritual to help her let go of her past and Get Over It!

Pick a nice-sized rock and with indelible marker write on it whatever you want to let go of. Remember, you don’t want to let go of people. You may want to let go of your history or attachment to them.

Carry the rock in your pocket for a while and be aware of how heavy it is and how it becomes part of your life. Eventually, you’ll get tired of carrying this extra weight. You’ll be ready to travel light and open up to new things!

Throw the rock into a lake or a river or a meadow. Toss it somewhere away from your path and let nature take care of it. As you do this, think about how much better off you are releasing memories and patterns you have outgrown.

Now, donate! Lighten your life! Release! Let Spring bring adventure and newness into your life!

XOXO Monica

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