Rebirth, Renewal, Rebranding — The Year of the Snake

Embrace the New

Re - Brand Your Business in 2013
Another year begins, and we sigh, we wish, we hope. January seems to be the time of year when we are hardest on ourselves. Instead of taking pride in what we have achieved and the great strides we have made toward our authentic selves, we criticize ourselves for not having that one thing that would make our lives complete.

This year, let’s shift our focus to a place of observation. Let’s be inspired by nature and our surroundings. Let’s welcome the Year of the Snake, with its slithering possibilities, and let the snake guide us through this year of 2013 with flexibility and flow.

The snake is a magical, mythological being. If you are afraid of snakes, welcome your fear, embrace it! Snakes and serpents have long been associated with good as well as evil, representing both life and death, creation and destruction. The snake knows its light side and its dark side. Just imagine what we could be if we embraced our wholeness unconditionally!

As a snake grows, it sheds its skin, revealing a shiny new skin underneath. For this reason, the snake has become a symbol of rebirth, transformation, immortality and healing. For the Greeks and Egyptians, the snake represented eternity. Ouroboros, the Greek symbol of eternity, is a snake curled into a circle, biting its own tail, eating itself and being reborn in an endless cycle of destruction and creation.

How can the snake guide you into the New Year of 2013? Ask yourself:
 What is it time for me to shed?
 What qualities do I want more of in my rebirth?
 What parts of me need to slither away and die so that I can re-emerge, shiny and new?

Expand your business, expand your brand, and expand your self. As you grow, think big. Shed those parts of yourself that get in the way of your success and fulfillment, and always think of the snake!

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