Reinvent Yourself, Reinvent Your Business: An Interview with Robin Fisher Roffer, Reinvention Specialist and Brand Strategist

Reinvention Specialist and Brand Strategist

Have fun and enjoy my interview with Robin Fisher Roffer, reinvention specialist and brand strategist.

Life is too short to spend it with people you are not aligned with. So every year I reassess my associations to make sure there is that precious alignment. If there isn’t, then I prefer to move on to new possibilities.

Speaking of new possibilities, I have made amazing connections in the past year through social media. As part of my goal for 2012—to speak my voice more—what could be better than interviewing magnificent people who live their lives with intention? Imagine the joy I feel when conscious, alive people share their wisdom with me! And now I will share my first interview with you.

It wasn’t hard to choose the first person to interview. Ever since I came to know reinvention specialist and brand strategist Robin Fisher Roffer of Big Fish Marketing, it has been nothing but WOW! Wow at everything she says and writes.
Robin Fisher Roffer is the CEO of her own company, Big Fish Marketing, and is ranked among the world’s Top 5 Most Influential Brand Gurus. In this interview, charismatic Robin shares her life experiences and the people who ignited her fire and sparked her life career.

So much can be said about Robin’s work—corporate branding, personal branding, speaking engagements, strategic thinking, reinvention and much more—that I decided to focus my interview on her personal branding.

These are some of the concepts that define Robin in her exceptional, down-to-earth personal branding philosophy:– Being a generalist is very old news. – Dressing for success today means looking positively unforgettable.– How we perceive ourselves is how others perceive us.– Focus on what you are good at.– “The holy trinity of branding” is consistency, clarity and authenticity.

Have fun and enjoy my interview with Robin Fisher Roffer, reinvention specialist and brand strategist.

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