Savvy B2B Marketing Tips: An Interview with the Six Savvy Sisters

B2B Marketing

The six fabulous guests on this week’s episode of Brand Your Fire, Get What YOU Want radio show call themselves the “Savvy Sisters” and they will be sharing their wisdom about the powerfulness of working in a group and individually on Tuesday May 15, 2012, LIVE 8-9 am PST on VoiceAmerica Business Channel. Interview will be played back at 8-9 pm PST and then archived for your convenience.

The savvy Sisters have created a collaborative blog called to provide other marketers with inspirational and practical strategies. In this interview, they share the story of how their partnership turned into friendship, bringing great business and personal benefits along the way.  Business life can be challenging, but these ladies prove that you don’t have to go at it alone!

The Savvy Sisters Story
The “Savvy Sisters” from met in the forums of an online summit where our casual camaraderie quickly grew into professional respect and then friendship. We began sharing war stories, resources, and tips. Soon, launching a blog to provide other marketers with inspiration, tools, and strategies seemed the natural thing to do. In March 2009, less than two months after meeting, we proudly published our very first post. Each week, we publish feature posts, highlight helpful resources for marketers, and point readers to our favorite posts from around the blogosphere.
Register to their blog for tips, tools and inspiration @

B2B Resources
They are marketing geeks. Between the six of them, they consume a LOT of content – probably enough to feed an entire herd of elephants (if elephants ate content). Cruise these pages to see which resources they like best. From blogs to ebooks, newsletters to networks; these are the places that help the savvy Sisters generate their inspirational ideas and practical strategies

The Sisters Individually
When they are not blogging, tweeting, or otherwise engaging the new friends they have made through Savvy B2B, they actually do work. Each Savvy Sister runs her own marketing business providing her clients with strategic, content-based marketing solutions and the collateral that makes them work.
Though there is some cross-over between their skill sets (one reason we love bouncing ideas around our virtual conference table), they each have our own unique style.
Jamie Wallace:
Stephanie Tilton:
Kate Headen Waddell:
Michele Linn:
Heather Rubesch
Wendy Thomas:

On these premises, don’t miss this loud interview, six fabulous guests!, on Tuesday May 15, 2012, LIVE 8-9 am PST on VoiceAmerica Business Channel. Interview will be played back at 8-9 pm PST and then archived for your convenience.

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