Shop 2 Donate

For the past 30 years, Monica Magnetti has given generously of her time to community-based charities active in children’s welfare, environmental stewardship, and animal rescue.

In doing so, Monica has followed the example of larger organizations that blend effective fundraising with the core values of their business models. Whether an organization is an international company or a local animal shelter, Monica believes that good deeds come in all sizes. Each one contributes to the common good and inspires others to do the same.

Shop2Donate is an initiative to encourage people to buy products and services with the entire price being donated to deserving organizations. Monica created the hashtag #shop2donate, which is growing by the day.

Monica actively runs 2 charities: ScaldaCuori provides blankets to children who need extra warmth. sells products for animals, donating 100% of the proceeds to animal rescues.

Monica has also been volunteering technical services to BEARSMATTER.COM for a few years.

You, too, can support the Shop2Donate initiative. Visit ScaldaCuori or and check out the many charities Monica Magnetti has founded, co-founded, and contributed to.

Remember Monica’s quote: A million little things add up to a million! Every one of us can contribute and make a difference!

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