Social Media: Go For It!

Social Media

I remember sitting across from my social media consultant, Amy Bao from 6S Marketing, as she talked to me about creating a social media strategy for the first time.

Amy is the perfect person to have on your team: super friendly, smart, a great listener, quick thinker, and she has an awesome sense of humour! She has been working on my optimization account for several years now. She doesn’t miss a beat.

So as I’m listening to Amy across the wide crystal table, all I can think of is if I could be her grandmother. She looks so young! Gone are the days when I would wonder if I could be the mother of the person I was interviewing. My gosh, have I already moved into the grandparent stage?

I add up the numbers in my head. She looks 20 … Well, what does she know about baby boomers, except that they are her grandmother’s age? She notices that I’m distracted. Do I have any questions? No, other than, How old are you, really? And how do you know so much? Of course she means social media questions.

This is today’s working world. The barriers are down and the sky’s the limit. Age doesn’t mean anything anymore. I admit I’m enjoying the trust I have in Amy, despite her youthful looks. Her knowledge is obvious. She explains to me that the concept of social media is to find people who think the same way I do and to team up with them to leverage my philosophy.

I admit, too, that I resist at first. You mean I’m not promoting myself, even while I’m promoting others who think like me? Darn it, I feel old. Wouldn’t it be easier just to talk about myself and what I do in my blog and on Facebook and Twitter? No, she replies. Social media is about connecting with othersand supporting each other for the good of everyone.

Isn’t social media really time consuming? I ask, knowing that the answer is yes. Well … Amy hesitates. You get a lot faster once you get the hang of it. Then she adds, I know you—you will pick it up fast. And with that, I am sold.

In spite of my early resistance to social media, and the first exhausting week trying to implement a 30-page strategic plan, I have to say now, in my second month, that I’m in love with the work of promoting my company through social media. I love searching for people to associate with, love learning how to make powerful connections, love seeking out compatibility in a sea of possibilities.

Working with social media has opened my mind and my thinking. I am enjoying this gift of working with people of all ages and walks of life. The new millennium is blowing wide open the range of associations and possibilities for businesses. Thanks, Amy, for your trust in my capabilities. In my book, social media is a go!


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