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Social media is exciting! You scroll through your Twitter page and right before your eyes all kinds of new information and knowledge pop up. It’s wonderful to discover so many people willing to share their wisdom and philosophy, especially when their philosophy is compatible with yours.

My social media treasures this week were articles by Sian Beilock, Ph.D., posted on Psychology Today. I’m amazed at how many people are still stuck on when is the best time to do this or that. To me this sounds more like a limiting belief than powerful inner knowledge.

I have a client who is a fabulous and prolific writer, though she believes she can only write in the morning. This means that her writing gets deferred if her morning is busy. She postpones putting her wisdom forth into the world until the moment for writing is perfect.
I was thrilled to refer her to this fabulous article by Dr. Sian Beilock, called “Creativity Happens When You Least Expect It.”

Sian writes, “Sometimes people’s ability to think about information in new and unusual ways can actually be hampered when they wield too much brainpower. This means that what we think of as our optimal time of day, may not be optimal for everything.” Hallelujah! Isn’t that wonderful news? She also says, “We are most creative at our non-optimal time of day.”

Do you see how much more flexible you can be in life when you embrace the idea that struggling is not necessarily a bad thing? Creativity comes to us in different ways. Why not push the envelope and see if you can produce something great even when you think you can’t?

The other article that really resonated with me was “Meditation Helps Keep Our Wandering Minds in Line.” In this powerful article, Sian says, “We spend a lot of time thinking about what is NOT happening, contemplating events that occurred in the past or that might happen in the future. Indeed, this sort of ‘mind-wandering’ is thought to be the default operating mode of our brains.”

She goes on, “Although being able to think about what isn’t going on around us can help us learn from the past and productively reason about the future, it comes at an emotional cost. Simply put, a wandering mind is an unhappy mind. People report being less happy when their minds are wandering compared to when they are not.” She suggests that meditation is a proven tool to reduce mind-wandering.

In the brief time it took me to read her articles, I became better equipped to coach and consult with my clients. My main philosophy has always been to push your comfort zone, to let go of limiting beliefs in yourself and be in the present. I have been meditating for 30 years (gosh, am I that old?). Now my clients can hear the same ideas from others, in different words and different contexts. Being able to refer my clients to Sian Beilock’s articles is a powerful tool offered by social media.

Thanks for reading about how social media can bring you treasures!

XOXO Monica

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