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Monica Magnetti of Luna Coaching provides Executive Consulting & Coaching for Entrepreneurs. Hire Luna Coaching for strategic planning and consulting services for your business in Vancouver BC.

Strategic Planning Training – Part 1

Are you starting up a new business and planning all the strategic details so you won’t be met with surprises? Are you expanding an existing business and broadening your vision? Are you an established entrepreneur or a new small business owner?

Whatever you are in business, this course is for you! Strategic planning is an exercise that has to be done routinely. For the best results, do it with a consultant. Why? Because a trained consultant can help you expand your thinking into diverse solutions that business owners often overlook.

Learn how to update your system for business success. How to plan every step with precision. How to create or review strategic planning that targets your business.

Monica will create personalized, one-on-one sessions just for you, tailored to your business needs and your vision for success.


Strategic Planning Training – Part 2

Delve into the nitty-gritty of organizational planning. This part of Strategic Planning will pick up where Part 1 left off, defining and fine-tuning every strategy that needs to be implemented.

The beauty of Monica’s approach is that, with her guidance, you get to choose what needs attention in your organization. You get to plan for your unique business future with a planning strategy designed just for you.

Strategic Planning courses have been designed to mix and match with all other branding (link) and leadership (link) courses. Choose from a wide variety of topics to serve your organization better.


Understanding Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a step-by-step process to define all the details of your business. More than anything else, strategic planning will determine the success of your organization.

Organizational planning is about creating a map of everything that needs to be done to get the results you want. It’s a guide that will define the fundamentals of what your organization is and who it serves. It will specify what your business does and why it does it, all with a focus on the long term.

Effective strategic planning not only defines the direction you want your business to take. It also spells out what needs to be done to make it progressive and keep it successful.

Consider developing your very own Strategic Planning Manual : The Book of You and Your Business.

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