Strategic Planning and Brand Strategy Bundles

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Strategic Planning & Brand Consulting bundles are the best value that you can get from hiring a consultant like Monica Magnetti, who is experienced in all the components of a business.

With Monica’s support, you’ll define a comprehensive plan of action that you can implement all at once or in stages as your finances become available.

Strategic Planning and Brand Strategy BUNDLE – Part 1

  • Are you starting up a new business and planning all the strategic details so you won’t be met with surprises?
  • Are you expanding an existing business and broadening your vision?
  • Are you an established entrepreneur or a new small business owner?

If you answered Yes! to any of these questions, then this package is for you! Strategic planning and brand strategy is an exercise that has to be done routinely. For the best results, do it with a consultant. Why? Because a trained consultant can help you expand your thinking into diverse solutions that business owners often overlook.

Learn how to update your system for business success. How to plan every step with precision. How to create or review strategic planning that targets your business.

Monica will create personalized, one-on-one sessions just for you, tailored to your business needs and your vision for success.

Strategic Planning and Brand Strategy BUNDLE – Part 2

Delve into the nitty-gritty of organizational planning. This part of brand strategy and planning picks up where Part 1 left off, defining and fine-tuning every detail that needs to be implemented.

The beauty of Monica’s approach is that you get to choose what needs attention in your organization. You get to plan for your unique business future with a planning and brand strategy designed just for you. All with Monica’s guidance!

These bundles have been designed to mix and match with all other branding and leadership courses. Choose from a wide variety of topics to serve your organization better.

Cost of Each Bundles

Monica’s courses are 9 hours each and cost $1,350 for each program, all included when prepaid. Registration is valid for 4 months.

If you prefer to pay monthly, the cost is $550 per month prepaid for every 3 sessions. Registration is valid for 6 weeks.

Minimum coaching 1 month. Sessions and programs paid in advance.

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Strategic PlanningWith Monica’s support, you can objectively assess which areas of your business are thriving and which areas you may want to update for better results.

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