Supporting Entrepreneurs Starting a Business

Starting a Business

Supporting Entrepreneurs Starting a Business

The number-one priority in starting a business in today’s world is to differentiate yourself. First, you define the value of your business. Then, you promote the value.

This is different from what most people do. Most entrepreneurs promote the product or service they offer, forgetting that what people are really looking for is value. I support entrepreneurs in defining the value their business brings to their clients, and then advertising the value instead of the product.

What makes your business succeed is the passion you are willing to express to the public and how transparent you are willing to be. I have written an eBook that you can download free. It is called Spark Success in Your Business: 10 Elements of a Strong Business Foundation and Successful Internet Branding . I created this eBook to help you build a unique marketing foundation and successful internet branding so that you can reach more clients and thrive in your business!

Most people go into business these days without a global strategy. Before long, they are overwhelmed by the expense and the need to multitask in areas beyond their expertise.

The way I work with my clients is that I listen to them very carefully. With my coaching, we focus on the main results that are important to YOU. From there, I create a comprehensive strategy that includes all the elements of your business. Then we create a prioritized budget so that you are very clear on the financial investment you need and the different stages of implementation.

If I had a dollar for every client who has told me, “I wish I had followed your suggestion about getting the right website for my business,” I would be a millionaire. I assess everything for your business: I look at your website software. I write value-based, keyword-dense content. I match you to the best email marketing system for your needs. Together, we develop the visual look for your business. We figure out tag lines. Everything is addressed. Once you have a comprehensive plan of action, it is easy to move forward. You will know the cost of each step and what you are going to get from each step.

I offer 2 free eBooks and one MP3 download. All my products are designed to support you to understand the big picture. Of course, nothing serves you and your business like one-on-one consulting. So, download the free products, and start asking yourself questions about how to expand your business in the direction that will bring you the most fulfillment and financial reward. Once you are willing to stretch yourself, send me an email. In a complimentary session, let me show you how I work and how I can bring you to the next level.

Keep me posted. I am interested in YOU starting your business.

XOXO Monica

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