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Executive Consulting for Legacy Entrepreneurs

Who is a Legacy Entrepreneur? Who is a legacy entrepreneur? It’s a unique entrepreneur who leaves value and a lasting reputation to customers, industry, community and loyal employees. Legacy entrepreneurs stand for strong principles that go beyond the mindset of just making money. They look to the future, beyond their own lives, and create an… Read more »

Fortunately, You Are Not Most People

Trust Yourself and Know Who You Are It is good for all of us to set goals that push the boundaries of our comfort zone and take us to places we didn’t know we could go. However, when we set goals that are unrealistic given the current economic situation, and then we berate ourselves for… Read more »

Trust and Transparency: Leadership in the New Millennium

Leadership in The New Millennium I have just read the most impressive article about leadership in the new millennium, and I can’t stop thinking about how profoundly it has touched me. Amy Cosper’s article “The Zen Zone” in the March issue of really tells it like it is regarding leadership in the new millennium…. Read more »