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How to Focus on What Matters to You

Observe Yourself Stepping Out of the Drama Learn how to focus on what matter to you by observing yourself stepping out of drama that derails you from achieving your full potential. Blaming outside circumstances, holding others responsible for our experience, and being ruled by old stories can generate a state in which we fall victim… Read more »

For Career & Life Satisfaction, Learn When To Say ‘No’

“Too many opportunities wear you down. Saying no often means saying yes to yourself & business.” Does your head spin with all that’s happening in entrepreneurship these days? Social media, blogs and articles, forums and workshops? Do all the opportunities to learn, to grow, to improve yourself leave you feeling . . . well, overwhelmed?… Read more »

Say Less, Model More: How To Be A Better Parent

“Why you confuse your kids when you don’t do as you say.” When I was young, my mother sent me to church every Sunday, admonishing me to be on time so I wouldn’t disturb the service. She rarely went to church, and the few times she did, she was always late. I never asked her… Read more »

Life Coach: Business & Love Lessons From The Snake

“Don’t be scared to shed your skin. Be versatile and slither through life.” What has the Snake taught you about business and love? I’m not talking about just any snake. I’m talking about 2013 and the Year of the Snake. This special Snake is nature’s guide. Let the Snake take you through the final few… Read more »