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How to Brand Your Business | Why Branding Your Business Is Important

How to brand your business No one can tell you how to brand your business. That’s because you are the only person who can answer the all-important question, “Who am I as an entrepreneur?” As a brand expert, I embrace the show yourself philosophy. I have found that current marketing trends support a show yourself… Read more »

Entrepreneurs: Branding Your Business

Branding Your Business People become entrepreneurs because they have great ideas. They believe they can improve the world. Entrepreneurs are passionate. They jump into business with fire in their bellies. Then, with all the multitasking, the long hours, the problems of delegating, the financial worries, they get overwhelmed. They lose that connection to their inner… Read more »

Branding Is Still a Buzz Concept

Personal Branding Trends are powerful and so are buzz words. The concept of “branding” has been trendy for quite a while, and it doesn’t appear to be losing popularity. Previous to this decade, “brand” and “branding” were synonymous with big, well-known, yet inaccessible corporations whose success was admired even though most of us could not… Read more »