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Say Less, Model More: How To Be A Better Parent

“Why you confuse your kids when you don’t do as you say.” When I was young, my mother sent me to church every Sunday, admonishing me to be on time so I wouldn’t disturb the service. She rarely went to church, and the few times she did, she was always late. I never asked her… Read more »

A Midsummer Dream: Maximize Results

Maximize Results Here we are approaching midsummer, still with the dream that the recession is receding and the economy improving. I work with small businesses and entrepreneurs of all ages, and together with my clients I have stared into the demon face of recession. While we are all doing our best to get out of… Read more »

Having a Fulfilling Career

Fulfilling Career Enjoy this short YouTube video from Monica Magnetti with a few tips on how to have a fulfilling career. Sometimes we are all sidetracked and we forget our goals, we confuse priorities, we want more. Luna Coaching in Vancouver BC provides Career Consulting and Career Coaching for individuals looking to advance their career…. Read more »

How to Find a Fulfilling Career: 3 Tips from Baby Boomers

Fulfilling Career At a certain point in everyone’s life, making money isn’t the priority anymore. Most of us, eventually, want to create a legacy of value. We want to leave our imprint on the world. Do you want to create a new and different career path? Do you want more fulfillment in your career? If… Read more »

Trust and Transparency: Leadership in the New Millennium

Leadership in The New Millennium I have just read the most impressive article about leadership in the new millennium, and I can’t stop thinking about how profoundly it has touched me. Amy Cosper’s article “The Zen Zone” in the March issue of really tells it like it is regarding leadership in the new millennium…. Read more »