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Marketing Truths for Entrepreneurs in the Digital Age

How to update your marketing and branding strategy In this article, you will learn how to update your marketing and branding to remain relevant in current times.We will cover 4 key rules, debunk the common myths, and provide actionable strategies on: How to be brief. How to be clear. How to be the boss. How… Read more »

Fall-Inspired Branding Tips

Branding Tips We often look for branding tips expertise in places that may be beyond our reach, yet inspiration is all around us. The fall Equinox, marking the end of summer and the beginning of fall, is upon us, and even though I hate to see the end of summer, I know that as with… Read more »

Tracky: New Social Media Interface for Productive (and Human) Collaborations Monica Magnetti interviews Jennifer Gosse and Sarah Evans from on Tuesday June 12, 2012 on VoiceAmerica Business channel. To all entrepreneurs and social media buffs! There’s a new kid in town,, and it’s time to get acquainted. Tracky team members Jennifer Gosse and Sarah Evans will explain how this new social media… Read more »

Make Social Media Profitable: An Interview with Social Media Expert Warren Whitlock from

Profitable Social Media Don’t miss this interview with social media expert Warren Whitlock and Monica Magnetti on Brand Your Fire, Get What YOU Want radio show on Tuesday May 8, 2012 LIVE from 8-9 am PST. Warren Whitlock from is a #1 bestselling author of books on Social Media for business; he is also a… Read more »

Setting Personal Goals and Objectives – 3 Tips

Often we base our goals and objectives on what we should do or who we should be, rather than on what we do and who we are. This is a recipe for disaster.
Check out these three tips designed to give you power when setting your goals and objectives. They may just change your life.