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4 Tips on Finding Balance in Life & Work (and how to stop over-preparing!)

Finding Balance in Life and Business: Stop Over-Preparing Over-preparing! It’s become an epidemic in western society. We are obsessed with organizing our lives. We plan everything, and we plan for everything, with emergency kits, backup plans, exit strategies, safety nets. We can’t imagine failure, so we over-prepare for every conceivable disaster, forgetting to live our… Read more »

For Career & Life Satisfaction, Learn When To Say ‘No’

“Too many opportunities wear you down. Saying no often means saying yes to yourself & business.” Does your head spin with all that’s happening in entrepreneurship these days? Social media, blogs and articles, forums and workshops? Do all the opportunities to learn, to grow, to improve yourself leave you feeling . . . well, overwhelmed?… Read more »

Fortunately, You Are Not Most People

Trust Yourself and Know Who You Are It is good for all of us to set goals that push the boundaries of our comfort zone and take us to places we didn’t know we could go. However, when we set goals that are unrealistic given the current economic situation, and then we berate ourselves for… Read more »