Serving is the new selling

Find out how to promote your the value you bring to the world rather than the product you sell

“To make your website an extension of your sale staff, create content that educates visitors and helps covert them into leads. Serving is the new selling>” Says Ann Handley of magazine.

My philosophy exactly. I work with my clients to create value-based marketing, rather than uninspiring product-based marketing.

The new value oriented (YES! Content rules!) internet branding consultants create value-based marketing content, rather than uninspiring product-based marketing content that focuses only on the product (=boring!)

Here is an example of the difference:

Product-based marketing for a furniture store: “We sell beautiful couches from Europe. Our furniture is unique and functional.”

Value-based marketing: “We sell furniture that enhances YOUR life. We are committed to bringing you furniture from all over the world to serve your lifestyle. You are unique.”

If you were a furniture store owner, would you aim to sell 10 couches? 100 couches? Or would you prefer to change the lives of many by selling furniture that enhances their lives?

Do you sell clothes? Focus your marketing campaign on how you serve your clientele by establishing their individual style.

Perhaps you have a massage business. Make your advertising not about your style of massage, but about how people feel after a treatment with you.

Are you a nature photographer? Your images have the ability to open people’s hearts to nature and change the way they perceive the world. Isn’t that your purpose? Ask yourself: do you want to touch 10, 100, or 1000 people with your work? Or do you want to make a difference in how people perceive nature and animals?

We are all in the business of bringing our purpose and legacy to the world. We want to speak from an authentic place, and often our inner voice is not heard because of too much noise around us. Learn how to hear your voice above everyone else’s.

love, Monica

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