The Secret to a Tasty Life Recipe

The Secret to a Tasty Life Recipe

Keep What Works and Change What Doesn’t

Life never stays still. It evolves and changes constantly. For a tasty and successful life, you have to regularly assess what works and what doesn’t for you in the present. Just like you update your phone, you have to update your life formula.

It’s about assessing and reassessing our own recipe, what has worked in the past, and what we want to carry through to the future from this present moment.

Instead of judging your past mistakes and accomplishments, look back on your life objectively: you will attain a more accurate assessment of what worked and what didn’t work for you.

Take an Inventory

When you launched sizeable projects in the past:

  • What were the defining elements that moved you toward the actualization of your objectives?
  • What was your approach?
  • Does it work for you to make lists?
  • To hire someone who holds you accountable?
  • To have a well-defined plan?
  • To dance in the moment with circumstances?
  • How do you maintain your impartiality when you encounter adversity?
  • How do you continue to have fun and enjoy the ride, in spite of the bumps?

You Don’t Have To Know It All

Many of us think we have to “know it all” and “do it all” in life and when we believe this thought, we don’t allow ourselves to reach out for help.

There is a wide variety of professionals who can support us in achieving our goals with ease. For example, when a client who wanted to be fit planned her ideal fitness regime, she didn’t consult or hire a personal trainer. Instead, she held firmly to her unquestioned notion that she should know how to be fit, and consequently, she never reached her goal.

Set aside any money concerns and ask yourself,

  • Who would I be if I admitted that I need help?
  • What would I gain if I hired the right professional to support me in reaching my goals?
  • Where my time is better spent?

Do you need an accountant, a matchmaker, a lawyer, a gardener? If your current resources are not supporting you, it may be time to get outside help.

Ask Yourself: Who Is Holding Me Accountable?

My life coaching and executive business coaching clients, tell me the same thing. My holding them accountable to their plans is worth the money they pay me to be their coach. They reach their goals on time, often earlier, and when they don’t meet their target, they learn tremendously from the process and apply that experience to their ensuing efforts.

Ultimately, what I am saying is that hiring a professional may be helpful for you to keep you invested in following through.

Can you evaluate who in the past has supported you in word and deed, and who has sabotaged your efforts? That also includes different facets of your personality within yourself. Which aspects within yourself supported you to u move forward or remain stuck?

Did judging yourself help?

Did being harsh on yourself help?

Did find excuses help?

Now, assess with the Observer’s eye, the same experiences.

Before Evaluating the Past, Remember Your Alliance with Yourself

The process of assessing what has and hasn’t worked in the past is an opportunity not to berate yourself but to help define the atmosphere that is most conducive to the realization of your goals.

Reassess what you may have deemed a failure in the past as a lesson in understanding what doesn’t work for you. This simple shift in your perception will enable you to extract the invaluable teachings that learning by contrast provides.

Reworking your recipe for success is a time to marvel at your innate capacity to adapt and be flexible, and to find energy in every challenge and circumstance of your exciting life. Find a new way,  redesign your vision according to what you want in the moment.

How to push your comfort zone?

  • Allow some flexibility in evaluating, as every situation is different
  • Trust that all experiences are designed to serve your biggest self
  • Observe to improve rather than judge and collapse
  • Focus on what matters to you

Enjoy this new perspective!


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