The Secret to Achieving Goals: Be Happy

Achieving Goals

The Secret to Achieving Goals is to Be Happy - Why Being Happy Makes Achieving Goals Easier
Every January, I get calls from people who want to write a book and make a million dollars. When I ask them, “Do you love writing?” they answer, “No, I hate it.” So, why would they want to write a book?

This is an example of how we often fail to factor ourselves into the bigger picture of achieving goals. We dive full-force into achieving goals without thinking about the impact those goals will have on our lives.

Often we focus so exclusively on what we want to achieve that we lose sight of everything but the doing. My aspiring authors can only see their finished book, with their name gloriously emblazoned across the cover, and their bulging bank balance. What they do not see is the countless hours squeezing out the next word, the sore butt, the mounting bills from their editor, the boxes of unsold books. What they do not see is the kind of life they will have while they pursue their goal.

When we broaden our view, exchanging the laser-pointer of our goals for the wide-angle lens of our life, we see the bigger picture of ourselves, our journey and our goals. Taking in the 360-degree view from the top of our own lighthouse lets us fully appreciate who we are and what we are choosing to do.

This wider angle—the one that includes you in the picture—lets you expand your view from what you are doing to who you are being while you are doing it. If you want to write a book, you must factor yourself into the goal. You must shift your focus to who you are being while you are doing. What happens between you and your goals is your life. If your life is misery, you will have a hard time achieving your goals. I have seen it again and again: To reach your goals, you must be happy in the doing.

Finding out who you are in the present is a lifelong journey. Circumstances change, and it is our ability to update ourselves that makes the difference between achieving goals and not achieving goals. Every day it is important to invest in deeper self-knowledge, broadening your wide-angle view and creating balance between doing and being.

In a world that overrates doing-doing-doing, you can actually choose to go against the tide and prefer who you are to what you do. It’s easier to get what you want and achieve goals when you acknowledge who you are and include your happiness in your wide-angle view. Being happy and being present makes doing the things you have to do to achieve goals much easier.

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XOXO Monica

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