The Year Of The Horse: Gallop Toward Your Destiny

“Sprint toward your goals and expectations with unbridled freedom.”

Are you a Pegasus or a black stallion?

On January 31 we begin the Year of the Horse, the Chinese symbol for 2014. Last year, I encouraged you to learn all the business and love lessons from the Snake so that you could sprint toward the Year of the Horse. Now, that was a challenge for many of you, because the Snake is notoriously disliked! The Horse, on the other hand, is easy to embrace. An elegant, graceful creature, full of diverse symbolism, the Horse, for many of us, represents intelligence, power and beauty.

It’s impossible to appreciate the full power of the Horse without knowing its place in mythology. So first, a quick refresher: Pegasus, a pure white winged stallion, is one of the best-known creatures in Greek mythology. Pegasus was entrusted by Zeus to bring lightning and thunder down from Mount Olympus so that humans could have fire. The philosopher Carl Jung saw Pegasus as a profound symbol of spiritual energy, gaining access to the kingdom of the gods on Mount Olympus. Pegasus represents the positive instinctual forces of the subconscious that unify polarities, for example, between what is godlike and what is human.


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