Tired of being tired?

Tired of being tired

Says Julia Hidy “Most people are tired these days. What’s worse is that they’re tired of being tired. If anywhere from 40% to 80% of us are saying we are always tired, depending on the study, it’s time to change what we’re doing – big time.”

Yes, she couldn’t have said it any better, thank you Julia! Most of us are tired when we try to cramp 30 hours days into 24 hours. That happens when we forget to update ourselves and our values.

How can we do that? We all have to revisit our values and decide which value is most important. I will give a simple example: is the value of being on time more or less important of the value of showing up at a meeting looking great? In a few words, in your present life do you prefer to be on time for a meeting or do you value more showing up at a meeting with your make-up on (most people consider that a way of being professional)?

In the perfect world, you want to be able to do both. Though, since we know that life gets in the way, it’s great to have a prioritized updated list of your current values.

In her blog Julia opens up to her value about being on time and the values that support her in not to be tired:

I’d make it on or before our meeting time:

• even if I didn’t have a drop of makeup on;
• even if I hadn’t had my coffee yet that day or was hungry;
• even if I didn’t look fully turned out;
• even if I hadn’t washed the car;
• even if I had to leave someplace where I was having fun;
• even if I had forgotten something (other than major things);
• even if I’d known the person forever and they were perennially late;
• even if I’d never met them before in my life and would never see them again after that meeting;
• even if I didn’t really want to be there; and the biggest one of all (for me anyway)
• even if it meant that I’d have to wait for the other person.

In my book 30 DAYS TO A NEW YOU

Tired of being tired I give myself the present and update my values

I support people to update who they are in the moment and to live and intentional life so that they focus their time and energy to what they value most and get to live an intentional 24 hours every day. When you make intentional choices, you prioritize and your day is long enough to complete everything you value most.

Thanks Julia for focusing your energy by supporting us to focus on ours!

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