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Unplug and Recharge the sleep revolution - Vancouver Life Coach Tips

You are not Your Phone!

Finally, we have come to terms with the reality that we are not a machine or a piece of equipment. We plug in our electronic gear to recharge it. We unplug it to recharge ourselves

This is the fourth blog blog of the series about counter intuitive ideas and how they can help entrepreneurs navigate with easy their busy life, both professional and personal.

1. The Sleep Revolution!

2. Slow Down to Get More Done!

3. Less is More!

4. Unplug to Recharge!

Quite magical, don’t you agree? I’m a huge promoter of the unplug and recharge challenge. The boundaries I’ve created for myself have vastly improved my day-to-day functionality.

No computer on the weekends is one of the easiest things to do, with the best results for the least effort. Emails can wait!

The Price of Tech Addiction

So many people are addicted to their phones—truly addicted. The phone has become the most complete tech tool. Every day you see people in the park with their kids. They’re not playing with their kids, they’re playing with their phones. It’s been proven that Kids Feel Unimportant to Cell Phone-Addicted Parents.

Even the most dedicated dog owners succumb to the pull of their cellphones while watching their precious pets play. It usually starts with a photo—oh, how cute she is! Then the phone’s long, octopus arms grab the owner and hold them hostage for an hour or more.

Willpower is now measured by how long you can stay away from your phone and what limits you create for yourself on your use of minutes.

We want more minutes, more gigabytes. I promise you, the more you free yourself from the bondage of your phone, the more relaxed you will be.

Unplug & recharge. Try it. You are not your phone.




You Can Never Be Too Mindful!

Vancouver Life Coach Monica Magnetti is contributing writer to Thrive Global, the new platform created by  Arianna Huffington’s.

Her book 30 DAYS TO A NEW YOU – Get What You Want Through Authentic Change has been acclaimed as an essential tool for everyone who wants to:

  • understand and profess mindfulness
  • find their own answers to life’s big questions
  • stay true to their own values

30 DAYS TO A NEW YOU – Get What You Want Through Authentic Change
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