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Summer is over. The energy is gone like the sunshine. Are you dreading the work to maintain your website current? Lift your spirit! I am a Vancouver Business Coach that will support you obtain business success.

Monica Magnetti Vancouver Business Coach

Rejoice! The clouds of September don’t have to dampen your summer mood. Summer is a frame of mind. I learned this living in Vancouver.

Your website maintenance doesn’t have to add clouds to the sky. That’s why, as a Vancouver Business Coach, I teach individual tutorials to get the best results from your website.

Vancouverites are smitten with the flip-flop syndrome. On the first sunny day in February, the flip-flops come out. It doesn’t matter how cold it is, because in Vancouver summer—and flip-flops—is a frame of mind.

Embrace the flip-flop syndrome and stretch your summer with a Vancouver Business Coach like me. I do practical work to get the best results from your website by addressing website development, understanding what is branding, and how you can hone your leadership qualities and achieve business success.

Every sunny day from February to November is flip-flop day in Vancouver. And with the flip-flops come the shorts, the bikes, and the sports cars with the top down.

This is one of the many things I love about this city. When the sun shines, no matter the month or the temperature, it’s summer in Vancouver.

I am a Vancouver Business Coach and even I succumbed to the flip-flop syndrome. It took about a decade after I moved here. Flip-flops stretch summer into every other season and prove that Summer Is a Frame of Mind.

So, embrace your business review with a sunny disposition, Vancouver-style, and ask yourself:
Am I the best choice for my current and potential clients?

  • Does my website really represent my business?
  • Is my brand recognizable?
  • Do I know how to maximize the cost of optimization by adding content properly?

You can’t do it all, so free up your time to do what’s brings you best results. Hiring Vancouver Business Coach Monica Magnetti, to do all the work to maintain your website current. Monica is also brand consultant, and content writer and she is trained in social media.

Review this article for a better understanding of what your website needs to be current and functional

A System for Maintaining the Website Current

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