Monica Magnetti, Best Vancouver Life Coach

Enter into a partnership with Vancouver based life coach, Monica Magnetti, and move forward into self-discovery and deeper personal fulfillment. Available online and via phone.

As a life coach, I can help you with all kinds of important life changes. Here are a few:

     • Define your authentic self. That’s self-confidence!

     • Act from your new authentic self. That’s taking action!

     • Define new goals according to your circumstances. That’s being non-judgmental!

     • Move ahead toward your goal. That’s being pro-active!

     • Prioritize. That’s about easy choices!

     • Welcome change. That’s being open-minded!

     • Implement change. That’s being liberated!

With your new, updated outlook on life and yourself, anything is possible. You will feel grounded and in a place of choice, in charge of your life and its outcomes.

Live Your Dream

Don’t live your life as a dream. Live your dream life!

When you live your life as a dream, you expect everything to be perfect. You’re wearing rose-coloured glasses. When life throws you a curve ball, you lose your balance and collapse. Then you ask, “Why me?”

You’re in judgment of yourself. You’ve lost your ability to make decisions based on choice and make them based on reaction instead. You feel overwhelmed by people and circumstances, and that inevitably leads to disappointment.

Life never goes entirely as planned. That I can promise you. But I can also promise you that, plus or minus a few details, you are living your dream life now. Yes, you are! And when you are ready to accept that reality, you will become empowered!

Living your dream life means being grounded. When life goes sideways, as it always will, you will not collapse. You will not judge yourself and cry, “Poor me.” You will find solutions. You will observe from a place of calm and deal with the things around you, one issue at a time.

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Luna Coaching offers Executive Consulting & Life Coaching for Entrepreneurs as well as Certified Life Coaching Services for individuals.  Whether you run a business or are an individual seeking to advance your career or get ahead in life with balance and well-being, you can benefit from the personal life coaching services provided by Monica Magnetti of Luna Coaching in Vancouver BC.

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