“If you’re “comfortable” in life, this book may remind you there may just be more out there that you haven’t found yet. But if you’re already looking for growth, this could be a convenient handbook for your journey.”

Kurt Leavins
Magic99 Refined Radio – Edmonton
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“This book destroys the myth that says that transformation takes forever.”

Steve Chandler
Co-author of 100 Ways to Create Wealth

“30 Days to a New You serves two kinds of people: those who, in the words of novelist E.M. Forster, “are in a muddle” and looking for a lifeline to pull themselves out, and those who are strong, motivated, and interested in furthering their own self-realization to even higher aims of success and satisfaction. By breaking the process down into a 30-day, step-by-step practice, this book fulfills the natural desire we all have for results that we can feel and benefit from now. Monica’s skills as a life coach and her enthusiasm for life are evident on every page.”

Paula Shackleton
Founder & Executive Editor, BookBuffet LLC

“Just when I thought I was as fulfilled as a woman could be, astutely in touch with my inner voice, I got a jolt from 30 Days to a New You, saying, “Wake up. You have some work to do!” My life transformed as if a lightning bolt had hit my soul and commanded, “Get beyond your story, woman. You have a Big Picture to live!” What a spiritually and psychologically deep and empowering book! I absolutely cherish Monica Magnetti.”

Cleone Lyvonne, M.S.E.
Writer, Editor, Cover Designer

“30 Days to a New You gives you all the tools and action steps you need to change your life. I’ve seen Monica’s powerful coaching strategies produce results quickly. This book gets right to the point and helps you get what you really want out of life.”

Sam Beckford
Entrepreneur, Author, Coach, Co-author of The Small Business Millionaire

“With 30 Days to a New You, Monica Magnetti offers us again a decisive wake-up call, with a prod and a hug, to say Yes! to pushing our limits, to asking the Big Questions, to taking ownership of our lives. 30 Days reminds us that there is power and magic in defining who we truly are through being present in each blessed moment –beyond judgment, beyond right and wrong –for 30 days and for the rest of our lives! I have experienced a deeper birth of purpose with Monica’s new book, as I guide and witness my daily-expanding world of wonder: my full life!”

Lynn Thompson
Radio Host & Producer, Living On Purpose