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All businesses have to ask themselves, What is branding? Your brand is what differentiates you and your business from the competition.

A brand is a multiplicity of elements that speak for your business and ensure that your customers recognize you.

Some of these elements are:

  • your logo
  • your visual representation
  • your philosophy
  • your tag line
  • your customer service
  • your values
  • your priorities

Once you have identified all of the many elements that constitute your brand, it’s time to put them together to create your brand identity.

Above all, your brand must live up to its promises. For example, do you produce what you sell on the brand promise of the highest quality? Do you deliver it on the brand promise of dependability? Do you offer your services on the brand promise of expertise?

The ultimate result of branding is website development in which all the elements working together offer your clientele a clear understanding of what your business stands for.

Branding Is Strategic. Marketing Is Tactical.

People often confuse branding with marketing. Branding is what your business stands for. Marketing is what you do to promote your business.

You cannot market your business successfully if your brand identity is not clearly defined. Remember, getting ahead of the competition means standing out from the crowd and being recognized. That’s what branding is about.

Brand Your Fire

Brand Your Fire is the branding philosophy I have created for the best results.

It’s a two-step strategy based on differentiating your business from the competition in the marketplace. It works like this:

1. Connect to the spark that made you go into this business in the first place.
2. Rekindle that spark until it becomes the fire within.

When you use your fire as your branding strategy to differentiate yourself, you can create a unique brand that ensures that you stand out in the marketplace. In the bigger picture, your unique fire becomes the marketing tool for your brand identity.

Brand Recognition

What is the fire that will create unique brand recognition for you and your business? Where did it come from?

• Did you go into business because you believed you were unique and you wanted to use your talents to serve the world?
• Did you see a niche that wasn’t being served and you wanted to fill it?
• Did you want to make money so you could take time to travel the world?

Your motivation for going into the business you chose is unique. No one will judge you. When you work with me, we will leave no stone unturned. Together we’ll create unique brand recognition that will set your marketing on fire.

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