What is Coaching & Online Long Distance Life Coaching?

Are you wondering what is coaching? Basically, it’s a personalized support system. No matter how well we’re doing in our lives, we all fall short sometimes.

Perhaps it’s because building a career while raising a family has become so demanding.

Whatever the reason, we can all use some support. Coaching gives you that needed support.

Together, we will define your priorities and values so that making choices and achieving clarity in your business and personal life becomes easy.

Are you where you want to be?
Not enough time or money?
Wondering where to go next?


The courses are of 9 hours each and they cost $ 1280. all included when prepaid. The sessions are valid for 4 months.

If you prefer to pay monthly, $ 500 a month prepaid for every 3 sessions. Sessions are valid for 6 weeks

I suggest 3 consecutive sessions followed by a week off, to allow the work covered to be absorbed and fully understood. However, I design individual programs for each person, and we will choose the strategy that best works for you.

Minimum coaching 3 months.

Multiple Certifications

More than ever nowadays, life intertwines, and our business life is intrinsically connected to our personal life. That’s why you need a coach with multiple certifications.

As an an Executive Consultant & Life Coach for Entrepreneurs in Vancouver BC I have multiple certifications and have coached many successful people to establish their priorities for business success and personal success.

I’m experienced in brand identity consulting, business development, strategic planning, and leadership consulting. I’m also certified in social media, website development and design, and content writing.

I get asked a lot, What is coaching? It’s a support tool. It’s a method to help you assess your strengths and weaknesses and to find those areas where you could best use some support. Always without judgment, always with your interests at heart.

Long Distance Online Life Coach

Though I’m based in Vancouver BC, I’m a long distance coach too. I work with many clients by phone and online. I also offer leadership coaching in Vancouver and online for businesses outside of Vancouver.

Coaching by phone and coaching online bring optimum results in the least amount of time. No rushing through traffic. No postponed sessions because you’re out of town.

Wherever you live or work, you get the right coach for you.

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