Wrapping Up the Year of the Dragon

The Year of the Dragon

Wrapping Up the Year of the Dragon

Every year in December, between the celebrations and pressures of the holiday, we see the New Year coming. And every year, most of us forget to spend even a few minutes celebrating the year wrapping up, taking pride in the pros and letting go of the cons so that we can welcome the New Year with love and light.

Many of us hate celebrating the New Year, mainly because we focus more on what we didn’t achieve than what we did achieve. The celebrations around us seem superficial, more about the transition from one year to the next, when what we really want is to create a personal ritual to celebrate where we are in life and where we want to go.

Whatever your age or financial bracket, whether you are a woman or a man, take a few minutes to bless all that you have conquered this year, as well as those things you have not conquered. Look at the values that have guided you through the year and decide if those are the best values for you in the year to come.

What has the Dragon guided you through this year, and what did you conquer that helped you move forward? How will you stay connected with your own inner fire? How will you keep your flame alive yet learn new tools to keep your light shining bright?

Though the Year of the Dragon is wrapping up, the lessons of the Dragon will not be forgotten. Write down what you have learned about yourself this year and what you want more of, and then post your list as a reminder.

Now write in red ink on a white sheet of paper all the things you want to let go of. Smear the sheet with honey and burn it, then flush the ashes away in the water. The honey represents letting go with sweetness, the fire represents your determination to let go, and the water represents purity.

If you think this is a stupid idea, do it anyway! Break with wanting everything to make sense and embrace new possibilities. The Year of the Snake is upon us, the symbol of rebirth and renewal. Welcome the Snake! Welcome the New You!

XOXO Monica

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