Writing a book is not for the faint of heart

When you write a book, the easiest part is writing the book. The first draft is the easiest. The 20th draft is wtf.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not complaining. I love all the drafts.

Today, the 14th draft of my e-book was finalized. That means there are still 6 or 7 drafts to go to add the visual part. It’s a lot of work and I love it.

A long time ago, when I was still working as a life coach, a few people would come to me every year with the goal of making a million dollars by writing a book.

I felt such compassion for these people. In coaching, you want to be unbiased because it’s all about the client. Your own experience goes out the window—intentionally.

For me, it’s always about supporting my client’s goal unconditionally. If someone’s goal is to make a million dollars by writing a book, then I’ll be there to support them.

Except for one thing . . . their life gets in the way between them and their goal.

The best goal is to fulfill your heart’s desire. Your heart’s desire is who you want to be while sharing your gifts with the world.

To put it another way: When you’re happy, the world is a happier place.

So when my clients told me their goal was to write a book and get rich, I would ask them about their passion for writing.

Did they know about the discipline, the time, the isolation, the demands of publishers? Did they know what it felt like to toss their favourite words into the trash bin because nobody else loved them?

Did they know anything about the practical side of writing a book!

To my surprise, none of these potential clients was passionate about writing. None of them knew anything about writing a book. Worst of all, none of them even enjoyed writing.

It was enough to ask, “What will your life look like while you’re writing your million-dollar book?”

Most of them were terrified just thinking about it.

The moral of the story? Everything looks better when we do the things we are passionate about.

Even if some parts of our lives are not fulfilling, if we make time for our passions, we will find happiness. Intentionality in our choices makes a huge difference to the quality of our lives and those we touch.

I feel ecstatic and fulfilled today because draft #14 is done. Now, onward to draft #15.

XOXO Monica

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