Social Media Connects Like-Minded People: Jamie Wallace and Your Secret Marketing Weapon

Social Media Connects Like-Minded People

I’m thrilled about the way social media has expanded my ability to connect with like-minded people! I have always been good at finding meaningful relationships with exceptional people. Now, with social media, it’s so much easier—and best of all, the sky’s the limit.

My new-found soul sister, Jamie Wallace of, has written a blog called “Your Secret Marketing Weapon.” It’s such a fabulous article that, instead of writing my own blog this time, I’m urging everybody to read Jamie’s. The best part for me is that everything Jamie says is in tune with my own philosophy. How exciting it is to trust someone so much that you can recommend their writing without hesitation. Even the images Jamie has chosen are the kinds of images I would pick.

“Your Secret Marketing Weapon” tells you that, to market yourself successfully, all you have to do is . . .

No, I’m not going to give away the ending. I’m only going to tell you that this amazing article puts the emphasis exactly where it belongs—on YOU! You will learn how to set yourself high above the competition. Hey, who cares about the competition anyway? Says Jamie, “I’m starting to just not give a rat’s ass about measuring up to someone else’s standards.”

Thank you, Jamie, for sharing your wisdom through your entertaining writing, and for telling us so expertly how to identify our own secret marketing weapon. And thank you, too, for making this blog so easy for me. I would rather brag about you and how fabulous you are, anytime!

XOXO Monica

Monica Magnetti has interviewed fabulous Jamie Wallace about the Business of Writing. This is a chance to hear an experienced entrepreneur share her wisdom on how to bring passion into your work (and vice versa.)

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